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Book Description:

On Tuesday, Feb. 12 the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee recommended wrestling be eliminated from the 2020 Olympic Games. The wrestling world was outraged, and by Wednesday wrestling leadership around the world had responded to their sport's elimination by creating what would become the largest sport-reinstatement campaign in Olympic history. 

Written by international wrestling journalist T.R. Foley, Full Circle is an up-close history of wrestling's fight for Olympic reinstatement. In addition to giving readers insight about the American-lead effort to Save Olympic Wrestling, Full Circle pays close attention to the efforts of Nenad Lalovic, the polyglot Serbian businessman tasked with improving the international governing body of wrestling, known as FILA. Lalovic, along with the support of wrestling federations from the United States, Russia, Iran, Japan and dozens more, helps craft what will become one of the most effective and inspiring media-savvy campaigns in Olympic history.

Utilizing never-before-seen photographs from events like Rumble on the Rails and the social media campaign #TakeAStance, Full Circle recognizes each significant moment of the Save Olympic Wrestling campaign. From Tehran to New York, Moscow to Ulaanbaatar, Foley delivers readers a book that will stand as the definitive global history of the fight to Save Olympic Wrestling. 

"Full Circle is a perfect tribute to the millions of wrestlers from around the world who joined together to help Save Olympic Wrestling. The book gives readers a recap of wrestling's Olympic fight and shows how nations otherwise in conflict were brought together in pursuit of a common interest." CPOW Chairman and World Champion wrestler, Bill Scherr

"Incredible photos accompanied by great storytelling, Full Circle provides a deep insight and a wide ranging view of the Save Olympic Wrestling movement. This is a must-buy for wrestling fans." Michael Riordan, Bloody Elbow

"Foley does an expert job of spotlighting the most important moments from the Save Olympic Wrestling movement. His knowledge of wrestling helps create a book that should go down as the broad and definitive history of wrestling's historic Olympic fight." Chuck Mindenhall,