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Back Points Ep. 7: Yero Washington of Beat the Streets-LA

Beat the Streets-LA executive director Yero Washington discusses his program's expansion in LA, and the excitement about Jordan Burroughs' upcoming clinic.

Back Points Ep. 7


Back Points Ep. 6: Carl Fronhofer Chats NYC and Brian Muir Breaks Down Vegas

Columbia University head wrestling coach Carl Fronhofer joins to talk about wrestling in NYC and the truth and fiction behind his pre-match diet as a competitor. Brian Muir takes us through a few of the weekend's most interesting matchups. 

Back Points Ep. 6


Back Points Ep. 5: Special Guest Brian Muir Talks about the Hidden Joy of Turkey Day as Collegiate Wrestler

The NCAA Wrestling season slows down this week, so T.R. Foley has invited former teammate and former roommate Brian Muir on as his special guest. Though Muir is mostly concerned with finding a new place to lease after an unfortunate run-in with a landlord, he's optimistic about Turkey Day 2012. Foley and Muir recount for listeners what is was like to be at U.Va. during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks and why, maybe surprisingly, they look back on those weeks as the best from college. Also, some lines for the Grapple in the Garden.

Back Points Ep. 5


Back Points Ep. 4: Bellator Champion Mike Chandler talks MMA, Wrestling and San Diego Women. Brian Muir sets lines for UFC 154 and NCAA Wrestling

Missouri All-American and lightweight Bellator Champion Mike Chandler calls into the podcast to discuss life as a professional athlete, the dating scene in San Diego and why MMA is a good fit for wrestling fans. Brian Muir takes us through the weekend's big matchups including Lehigh's Robert Hamlin and Penn State's Ed Ruth. He also set lines for UFC 154 and takes listeners through the thrill that is indoor golf.

Back Points Ep. 4


Back Points Ep. 3: Jake Herbert Talks MMA, WWE and Wrestling