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Back Points Ep. 22: Brian Muir

Our gambling expert is back from his vacation in southeast Asia, but that doesn't mean Brian Muir is holding back any of his opinions on betting the NCAA's, the loss of the Boston University wrestling program or the effort to save Olympic wrestling.

Back Points Ep. 22


Back Points Ep. 21: Amanda Stanec

Amanda Stanec, a Ph.D in Physical Education, explains how she used a health-focused approach to help reinstate wrestling at a trio of at-risk high schools in the St. Louis area. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in stating compelling arguments for why we need amatuer wrestling in our school systems.

Back Points Ep. 21


Back Points Ep. 20: Mark Perry

University of Illinois associate head wrestling coach Mark Perry tells an incredible story about Jesse Delgado, his plans for being a head coach, and much more.

Back Points Ep. 20


Back Points Ep. 19: NCAA Championships Preview

T.R. Foley, Brian Muir and special guest Will Durkee talk about the NCAA Division I Championships in Des Moines. The trio coves the importance of the event and gives their outcome at each weight, and the team race.

Back Points Ep. 19


Back Points Ep. 18: Mike Riordan 

The NCAA Brackets have been released and Foley is joined by Intermat's Mike Riordan for an in-depth discussion of bracket-busters, sure-things and what the new format for the NCAA Finals should mean for viewership numbers.

Back Points Ep. 18